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"Pitch" and women in sports

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I'm watching the new show Pitch and there's something from the pilot that really struck a chord with me.

"A girl will never be able to throw hard enough to compete with boys, not as they start growing. It's biology and we can't change that. That's why we need a secret weapon"

I know a lot of feminists would be up in arms over a statement like that. What they refuse to recognize is that this is a true statement. It is a simple biological fact that men are stronger than women. Yes, the best female athlete is faster/stronger/whatever than the average male, but the best male athlete is always going to be faster/stronger/whatever than the best female athlete. Women do not have the physical capability to directly compete with men.

This isn't to say that women are any less capable than men. I fully believe that women have the exact same potential as men. A woman can do anything that she sets her mind to, just like a man. Women are every bit as intelligent as men. Men are every bit as intelligent as women! The only thing that men can't do that women can is give birth. The only thing that women can't do that men can is impregnate someone else.

(All bets are off, though, if the man or woman is pre-op transgender. A trans-man can get pregnant and a trans-woman can get someone else pregnant.)

This is why I do not support trans-women competing in women's sports. A high school girls track team with a transgender girl (whether the male teenager is on hormones or not) on it is at a significant advantage over a team that is all genetically female. A women's volleyball team with a trans-woman on it is at a significant advantage over a team that is all cis-women. In most cases, the only reason a trans-man will be chosen for a men's sports team is as a publicity stunt. He will struggle to keep up with his teammates and will bring the rest of the team down.

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