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Tonight, I have been reading about kombucha. It sounds interesting and like something that I might want to try.

I am an avid tea drinker. Mostly bagged teas (Celestial Seasons, Bigalow, Lipton, etc), but I do enjoy a nice loose leaf tea, as well (I tend to go for bagged teas because they're cheaper up front). I am also a brewer. I have used a couple of different kits to brew my own beer, and have a five gallon batch of a spiced cyser that is currently aging. I've entered two different brewing competitions; the first I lost by one point (I might have won had my beer been a recipe that was invented before 1603) and the second I won.

Tonight, I was looking at the website for a local company that sells loose leaf teas and found something called kombucha. Being the curious person that I am, I had to do a Google search to discover exactly what this "kombucha SCOBY" was. I am now intrigued.

Making tea is not hard and is pretty inexpensive, depending on what is used to sweeten it and what kind of tea it is. I grew up on traditional "southern" black tea sweetened with saccharin (because I have diabetics in my family). When I was a teenager, an uncle introduced us all to Bigalow flavored teas and I fell in love.

I've decided that, after Christmas, I'm going to look into getting a kombucha SCOBY and trying my hand at making my own. I might see if I can find some commercially made kombucha before I get started to try and see if I like it before making the investment of acquiring my own SCOBY and spending the time to make it myself, though a starter from a local company would only be $17.

This requires more thought and research, I think... Does anyone else have any opinion on kombucha? Suggestions? Experience? I would love to hear about it.

December 9th, 2016 08:22

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