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Greetings :)
My name is Lina, i'm an 18 years old teen (clinging to that youth :) ) who's currently living in Israel, try not to hold it against me.
I'm originally from Russia but my father decided he wasn't about that life so we moved away.
I enjoy reading, music and the outdoors, although you wouldn't hear me complaining if I were to stay in instead.
I love traveling and discovering the world. I've been to 5 countries in the past year trying to soak up my last moments of freedom before my enlistment in April.
I've always been tall for a girl, i'm 5'9 (176 cm).
I really enjoy debate and deep long conversations, as rare as they are in our modern world.
Also a huge nerd, really into superheroes, tv shows and video games.
Instead of me blabbering on and on about random things, feel free to send me a message or an email at-  
Also, I tend to be very sarcastic, so if you feel offended by something that i've said feel free to call me up on it.


Star signCancer
Height1.76 m
Hair colordyed
Eye colorgreen-blue
Alcoholsocial drinker
Foodall sorts of food
Religionatheist or agnostic
StatusI'm heterosexual


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