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September 21st, 2016

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"He ignores her, he takes her by granted, He made her hope for nothing, He ignores her, He make her cry most of the time even he doesn't know it, she just hide it and for him she isn't the priority, she's always the least on the list,. But why on earth she still love him?.. Sometimes she thinks, She doesn't deserve to cry to someone who doesn't know her importance.
How Lucky is he though, cause in spite of all he does, she still love him...
Since the start, She follows him, all his wants, all his curiosities, all he needs and want to see, she gave it, without hesitations, She tries to express her care for him, She tries to do effort to make him feel that she love him but what did she get?.. broken promises?...
Things, gifts, money, isn't more important for her this hour of time, all she needs is a little care, a little time, and a little effort. and most importantly she wants to feel his presence." </3

#Amphitheater <3

PS- Theatre plays are my pain killer. It gives me good time to be happy even for a moment...

September 21st, 2016 17:29

😢😢😢 u shouldnt be like this for someone who doesnt deserve u. I hope u are ok soon dear. Tc☺





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