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November 12th, 2016

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To all guys in the world, dont think about Girls as an option or just toys you play with, that when you get tired of them, you will just leave for some unreasonable reason. Treat us with respect, love and acceptance. DONT play with people's feelings. Dont commit Dont be in a realationship THAT IS SO UNSURE. If you dont love her anymore, if you arent sure about her, then why stay in the relationship for longer? For what? Jus For sex? For nakedness? For fun? For consideration ? WTH.. RELATIONSHIP IS NOT A TRIAL AND ERROR.. It should be treasured and should be worked by both. But If you will just do that, then better be honest on how you feel and leave cause it only means that you never have truelly loved her. You are just playing around, pretending to Love her. I know someone, she thought everything was good and perfect , and her bf loved her,he made her feel like he does. He promised her, and very sure about her BEFORE,. But NOW? seems like he changed.. But for her, She love him very much since the start, and never have changed, she love her maybe more than anybody could love another person.. Too sad for her, she feels unimportant and just an OPtion..

November 12th, 2016 09:44

You are right dear. And this place is full of those kinds of guys so be careful honey. You are a kind woman dont let stupid men play with you sre too worth it. And i am sorry for your friend. Unfortunately some men dont have a heart and not even a brain sooo u cant ask them for too much. Tc dear and have a nice weekend. 😊😊😊


You are too worth it dear😊😊

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