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December 6th, 2016

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Why you should love a man, not a boy.

A boy is possessive. A man is protective.
A boy will use your body. A man can wait.
A boy don't have plans for you. A man sees having a future with you.
A boy will stick for lust. A man will stick because you are important.
A boy will cheat. A man is faithful.
A boy will say, "I cheated because I'm just a person". A man will say, " I will defy temptations because I don't want to hurt you".
A boy will take advantage of your weakness. A man will uplift you to be better.
A boy won't understand your tantrums. A man knows how how to tame you.
A boy will meet you somewhere else. A man visits you at home.
A boy just want your body. A man wants to your soul and your senses.
A boy wants his world to revolve around him. A man is supportive of your dreams.
A boy has a lot of rules. A man will trust you.
A boy will be affected of what others will say about you. A man will accept you of who you are.
A boy will just flirt with you. A man will really pursue you.
A boy will just love you when you are whole. A man will love even if you are imperfect.
A boy has no balls to face responsibility. A man is responsible.
A boy will treat you as an option. A man will make you as his priority.
A boy will make promises. A man will keep his words.

Words by: Truth Slap

December 6th, 2016 11:33

A 'boy' and a 'man' can do both things.


lol.. seems like you are looking for the impossible... good luck in your fantasy world Claire. So naive.. hehe :p


It's not impossible. The man I married is all of this.


congrats then Cat.. u found a gem :)


I think any kind, respectful man will end up being all of this. It's just basic adult, human decency. Have hope, Claire. I didn't marry the only unicorn in the world. There are plenty of good men. Just don't settle.


Haha calm down guys, I just copy paste that from facebook..


All of you has a point. Theres just good and bad guys out there. Nothings perfect in this world. Though Your lucky if you choose the right one. :)

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