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Theres something missing in the song I composing. I couldn't finnish it. Its where the part when two lovers are together. I dont know how I can express it. Maybe because I never experience the feeling of being together with the one you love. This song cant be complete without it. I need more inspiration.

December 17th, 2016 18:39

Have you asked Romeo or Juliet? lol
The things you haven't experienced before, you read them in novels or even movies
You don't have be with the one you love to know how or what it feels


Do you think William Shakespear didnt had inspiration on his works? Ofcourse everyone does, and everyones different. Its just like painting, hard to make a beautiful one without Deeper inspiration. ^_~


I got you, I was just being silly lol


Btw, make sure you let us listen to the song when you re done
I really am curious about your own composed song
Haven't listen to any so I really look forward to this one

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