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Depression isn't a choice, it's a kind of brain damage

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"Sometimes when someone is depressed they simply cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel or find any hope in their life. That doesn’t mean that those around them can’t show them it’s there though!"


September 20th, 2016 07:08

Fascinating article/study/happening. Having battled such things over time, it's an interesting insight :P I suspected I was brain damaged somewheres there :P


The article's title says depression is a kind of brain damage, but the article says it causes a kind of brain damage. The following is true, if often hard to put into practice: "One simple, but effective tool in breaking free from depression is to get in touch with the present moment." There is an awful lot of depression about. Many of my Spin friends are depressed, I'm depressed, and as "normal" increasingly means "Facebook world", there are a hell of a lot of miserable people about who don't feel they can do much about it. I've been trying to pick myself up in the past few days. Internet addiction is horrible and feeds into depression for many people nowadays. (I speak from long and shitty experience.) "Force yourself to get up early in the morning" is good advice for some people.

(Depressed people's feeling of powerlessness is exactly what the fascist demagogue Donald Trump is relating to when he communicates with his words and his tone that "We're going to end it".)


As well as getting up early in the morning, there's another piece of advice that I think is useful for everyone who's depressed: get out and soak up some natural light from the sun!

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