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Okay, I guess I should put this here as over the last few weeks I've received several letters from ladies all over the world. I am mostly interested in meeting people for friends. I would be very happy to have anyone from anywhere as a friend. But the letters I'm getting seem to have much more a desire for "romance", and in that I have zero interest. Why? Well for mostly personal reasons, but as far as a love interest would go, about a year ago my personal health took a very big hit, and my life expectancy isn't all that great. The doctors have not given me a specific time that I may live, but I'm no fool, I know it isn't years and years. I will be surprised if 5 years from now I'm still around. That being the case I simply don't want to involve someone new in my life.

So if you are interested in being friends, I would love to hear from you. If you are seeking romance, please just pass me by, I'm really not interested. Thank you and good luck on what ever you may seek. I sincerely hope happiness, peace, and joy for you.


Star signSagittarius
Height1.69 m
Weight72.8 kg
Hair colorbrown
Eye colordark brown
Smokeoccasional smoker
Alcoholno alcohol
Foodall sorts of food
StatusI'm heterosexual
Pos. characteristicsLaid back, easy going. Loves enjoying life.
Neg. characteristicsSometimes not very patient.


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