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So some things you need to know about me:
1.) I judge people. I admit it though and I don't mind if you judge me, I was kind of raised judging people and it has not gone away sorry if you no likey
2.) If I don't like you I won't talk to you. If I don't know you I won't talk to you, if you really want to get to know me, mail me. If I don't answer keep trying, don't give up the first time cause that shows you don't really care.
3.) I have a lot of close friends on here and in real life, if one of them friends are to get hurt by you, I'm gonna say something that might not be nice.
4.) My favourite subjects may be weird (Math, anime, video games, and/or bands) but If you ever want to talk about anything I'm always here, just mail me the subject and we can have a long conversation lol
5.) I love Spongebob and the CookieMonster
6.) I hate when people say stuff that's not true about me, and I will not allow it. Not even if its about someone else. (Don't lie)
7.) I know this is a weird place to put it but oh well. My name is Stephanie Owensby, no I'm not telling you my middle name stalker! But yeah I don't like the name Stephanie so call me what you like just not Stephanie. Thanks
8.) Ali is my snuggle buddy you whores, stay away!
9.) My favourite color is purple! Then black, then red, then blue.....and so on
10.) Wanna know more?
Mail me?
Kik me?
Text me?
(Ask for the last two lol)
And if you want to know who my real friends are and who are some of the best people I have ever met are, I will be making a more page about them, just give me time to figure out how I want it set up


Star signPisces
Height1.64 m
Weight52.4 kg
Hair colordyed
Eye colorgreen-blue
Type/stylejeans & t-shirt
Alcohola beer now and then
Foodall sorts of food
StatusI'm bisexual and live with my parents
Childrenhave no children
Relationshiphappily in love
Pos. characteristicsI am evil >:D
Neg. characteristicsI am evil D:<. I also hate 1 word replys


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