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OBSERVATION - have you noticed?

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Post #2 today ....oooohhh - ~wink~

Sometimes I tend to be a people watcher - you learn a lot by watching people do things when they don't know you are watching.

OBSERVATION: have you ever noticed when many individuals buy a newspaper from a newspaper box (the ones that stand in front of a business and you put a few coins in), they will dig down like 2 or 3 papers to choose theirs? I just wonder if that 3rd paper has a "prize" in it or something. Other people will take 2 for the price of one - you can only read one at a time and the info is the same, so why "steal" the 2nd one? You are taking money away from a business person - a kid, an adult with a limited be nice, take only what you pay for.

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September 16th, 2016 04:18
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