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Sorry I havent been online and I probably wont be for awhile.

So had the rest of my injections (total of 9), because of where I got them on my back I could not see them. My pains gotten worse and spread to my shoulders and arms. My injections got infected. Because of my low immune system *UGH!* I got phemonia from someone so im on meds for that. Dr thinks I have ankle spondylitis, some back disease, so I have to have more tests done but he thinks it explains a lot, plus the other stuff from the other blog. SoOOOOOOOoo Im worn out, resting and borrowing money here and there for stuff thats needed, from family. Were getting by, hubs is looking for a new job *UGH*..but we got this. Im strong and still kicking and enjoying life just while resting and spending time with my family and pets. Surgery was put off for the tests.
My dog is getting old *No..she is old*..I have had her since she was a pup and shes having issues now so I am spending as much time with my baby girl I can. Still have yet to get the other cancer test done..I have the papers to do it, I have the time to do it in between the 5 drs im seeing...but im getting to the point of why get checked because will it matter ??? -Just mind set on that, but i promise I am happy even tho it sounds like im not. Ignore my lazy typing lol I am tired so trying to make this short.
Pepsi update is finished I think haha.

January 21st, 2017 01:13

All is well ;)




You are great, you are wonderful


you dear sir are a little off tilt there with your response haha. I am far from great or wonderful but I thank you anyway.

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