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Leonard Cohen ... the Hindu connection...

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In February, 1999 ... Leonard Cohen visited Mumbai to meet his Hindu Guru.. Ramesh Baleskar and spent time in his Satsang (company...).. Here are .... Some thoughts of this Hindu Guru.....

Basically, "Every living thing is an "individually programmed object" & therefore has "no control" over anything he/she does. There is of course a higher Source which has created all these objects. Therefore: - Things happen (when they are supposed to happen) ! There is nothing you & I can do about it & therefore should not see/feel any "problems" in life. Life to exist must have a balance of harmony & disharmony - and this "balance" too is not in any individual's control.

So what does an individual body-mind do ? Well, he does what he is supposed to ! No meditation by "closing your eyes" nor by "closing of thoughts". Just keep doing what you "like" to do (dont bother about the rewards) & "keep self questioning yourself about "what you do", to the minutest of detail"! Enlightenment will happen when it is supposed to happen - you'll know about it when it does however, dont expect any lights to flash in your head nor lightening to fall around you !"

Thats Ramesh's concept in a nutshell - just that simple !

November 13th, 2016 15:51


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the things that may seem easiest, might be the most difficult ones. :)

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