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Implementing SEO Jakarta with Local Content

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The term SEO emerged long time ago since internet expanded around the world. You may remember how people try to get traffic and visitors, so website could stay on the top of search engine result. Instead of attracting global visitors, it is better to try from local and small area, for example SEO Jakarta. Actually, you need expert to do SEO on website, but you may try on your own before hiring others.

In SEO Jakarta, you will focus to get visitor from internet users, especially Indonesia. Let’s start with basic. Firstly, website has to be in Indonesia. English is international language and Jakarta is center of education where many people understand English. However, Indonesia language will give high possibility to get more traffic than English. SEO is not static technology, so you should read recent tricks and methods. The latest improvement in SEO application is social media. As you know, people use internet for two things, obtain information and communicate. Social media helps visitors to get intended website quickly, but you should not forget search engine.

You need to conduct some research about Jakarta to add local content. Be careful to not copy contents from other website. That’s not the way SEO works. Unique and specific content is better for starter. You may start from tourism, such as iconic place or building in Jakarta. For example, Jakarta is popular with National Monument and many people visit this building to enjoy view from high place. Around this place, you will find Istiqlal Mosque as the biggest mosque in Indonesia and south Asia. In past time, Dutch company builds this city under the name of Batavia. Tourists can go to Old City to see some European buildings. Besides, several museums can be found around Old City as cultural and historical tourism. That’s idea to implement SEO Jakarta, so your website will have many visitors.


December 2nd, 2016 06:04

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