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September 10th, 2016

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Headlights in My Eyes

Driving down the highway in the darkness of night.
I pass by memories with headlights in my eyes.
I’m reminded of times I’ve lived in the light.
I’m reminded of all the moments that I’ve said my goodbyes.
Some are so dark, while others so bright.
I find correlation between them and the highway illuminated by headlights this night.
The concept of my past and present so alive, a realization how naturally I continue to drive.
Could this be how I’ve survived?
Driving one way till the highway it ends, or worse than that my vehicle gives in?
How many things have just passed me by?
It seems so much has just been headlights in my eyes.
Never taking notice of the highway ahead nor behind.
To what has been missed that was sublime?
Aware of the fact that memories I’ve noticed, it seems something is changing my focus.
What else can I see and experience in what’s left of my time?
The sun is coming up now, the light fills my eyes.
I’m overwhelmed by all around me, I feel as if I’ve been blind.
The highway I drove on…I chose to drive in the night.
The headlights were the things that nearly brought my demise.
Appetites and impulses, they directed my sight.
I was only aware of what seemed so bright.
Stealing my focus like headlights in the darkness of night.
I was the maker of this reckless plight.
My perspective was wrong and I lacked insight.
Driving down a highway now in daylight.
I can see the world around me, and I feel alive.
The headlights, they no longer rob me of valuable sight.
I chose not to live in never-ending night.
-Jason Shirey

September 10th, 2016 15:26

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