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To be completely hones, the only thing I am seeking here, is good conversation. I get bored rather easily and it helps me to find people to talk to. I am willing to talk about anything and you may ask me any questions you wish, I will answer them honestly. My favorite thing to do when meeting new people, is to play a game of questions. You ask the first question, then I answer and follow with my own question. It goes on until you run out of questions.


Star signSagittarius
Height1.84 m
Weight143.1 kg
Hair colorblack
Eye colordark brown
Alcohola beer now and then
Foodall sorts of food
Religionatheist or agnostic
StatusI'm heterosexual and live in a flat share
Childrenhave no children
Pos. characteristicsKind, funny, intelligent and protective
Neg. characteristicsOverweight, ugly and sometimes violent.


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