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Before starting. Please guys... I really like compliments!! But use a filter when giving one. Moderation and prudency are the key. "Good breasts, sexy hot body, you turn me on" are comments I don't like. Please don't say perv things if you don't want to be consider as one.

I'll give it a try with the "[insert number here] facts about me!". I find it interesting :D !

1- I'm a dog lover. I hate cats, at least I don't like to have them too close, unless they are injured or needing help. Ask me why and I'll give you almost a thesis about it.

2- I hate taking showers without music. That's the main reason why most of my cellphones get damaged.

3- I like things to be tidy. I get easily distracted if my room is unorganized. Oh, and I classify my clothes, by color, usage, and type.

4- I'm obsessed with ortography. I usually don't talk with people who make unforgivable mistakes. In Spanish I don't care about accents if I'm chatting, but misspelled words are hard to avoid.

5- I don't like to take pills. I've been taking pills since I was a kid so nowdays If I get sick I rather take a natural remedy. Favorite one: Hot tea with lemon.

6- I don't like to watch a movie without popcorns. I can almost share everything! But my popcorns. grrrr...

7- I care a lot about my friends. I'm their psychologist, listener, nurse. I like to know that I can be helpful and I love to see them getting better. But sometimes it affects me. Also, I've become a bit suspicious.

8- I love the cinema!. I used to go to the cinema twice in a week when I was in the Secondary School, then once in a week. Now I rarely go to the cinema. The inflation eats us alive

9- I like seeing the brightside to everything! If something bad happen I learn from it, If something good happens... GREAT! That's my motto.

10- I would love to have a friend like me. Modesty aside.

11 -I talk a lot! Maybe too much... I just hate awkward silence.


Year of birth
Star signCapricorn
Height1.53 m
Weight53.0 kg
Hair colorblack
Eye colorblack
Alcoholsocial drinker
Foodall sorts of food
StatusI'm bisexual and live in a flat share
Childrenhave no children


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