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Worst roleplay ever.

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DaVinci: I think I know u
shumerang: do you
DaVinci: Do u know me?
shumerang: no why would i
DaVinci: Oh man! You dont know Da Vinci!?
shumerang: .......
DaVinci: Leonardo da Vinci, I am :)
shumerang: how old are you?
DaVinci: Let me calculate
DaVinci: More than 500 years old, cant be more precise
DaVinci: I see u r just 22
shumerang: really? you dont remember your birthday or are you just bad at maths?
DaVinci: Both.
DaVinci: A little bit
shumerang: werent you really smart?
DaVinci: Oh I dont and I wont praise myself
shumerang: >.>
DaVinci: I made time machine in 1508. It brought me here
shumerang: then you arent 500
shumerang: your logic is all over the place
DaVinci: Yeah, but u know I like saying weird things. And people believe me haha
DaVinci: People are amazing
shumerang: someone actually believed you were da vinci?
DaVinci: You dont?
DaVinci: Need a proof?
shumerang: not really
DaVinci: Not really what?
shumerang: not. really.
DaVinci: Oh enough of this one sided roleplay. Came here to tell u that I really liked your profile, specially the thing which u have written above. Is that patented? I wanna write the same thing on my profile too.
shumerang: oh
shumerang: yeah go ahead use it
shumerang: i should warn you that it will drive women away
shumerang: and one sided roleplay?? you wanted me to play a role too?
DaVinci: At least I wanted you to believe me and act accordingly
shumerang: what would that accomplish?
DaVinci: I dont use spinchat for business! I come here to kill some of my time.
shumerang: this is your way of killing time? pretending youre a painter?
DaVinci: Well yes

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i read all of this and regret it


thats how i feel after reading every blog by you


i hate you

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