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Bday disaster

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gessus wtf is wrong everyone of m my family members. g damn my fiancÚ and his family didn't even say happy bday to me selfish idiots aggg I'm done wit this family crap I'm so tired of this tired of living in Washington craphole wet state annoying as hell. why everythinh just do damn negative here I hate it all dam why always I am never happy and never get out of this misery sick of this I need new family I hate all them.

November 22nd, 2016 02:19

I had the same thing happen .All day at breakfast and work not one well wishers. As we punched out my secretary said she had noticed and felt bad. She invited me to dinner and a few drinks . Afterward she suggested we go to her place . When we got there she said she was going to change into something more comfortable and went to her bedroom. . 5 minutes later my parents , wife , kids and friends come out of the bedroom with a cake and yelled surprise . And there is sat on the couch , stark naked .


lol sorry lol that's must have sucked lol oops sounded funny but sure was embarrassing as hell exp with someone else naked wasn't your wife near you lol sorry about that lol. that suks I'm sure :(.


A real Kodak moment


lol that's for sure I get that too funny lol.


I am sorry to here that---it is always fun chatting with you.

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