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A Poem: Amongst The Thorns

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Sometimes, things get so heavy.
We're just trying to stay steady.
Overwhelming and it washes over me,
there's only a few things that feel more powerful to be.

And we haven't been dealing well,
with all the chaos around this plain.
All the changes, we're grasping at the cells,
cutting in the shapes, driving us insane.

We just try to play this life on repeat,
hoping it helps me hold on to my seat.
We try to get with the confusion,
but it leaves me single in this fusion.

I don't think you can see through,
in this distraction, not sure you can see past you.
The healing begins with the music of the keys,
and when it gets too much, I'll ask please.

I'm just kind of trying to find joy in the moment,
even when things are falling apart.
I'm just trying to find the love,
when there's pure emptiness in my heart.

September 1st, 2016 04:27
1 comment

very nice

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