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A Poem: But A Dream

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The lack of passion,
leaves a sense of staleness in the air.
Your lack of commitment for change,
shows your flippant approach to the way you care.

I listen to the songs of strong women,
trying to find that strength that I once carried.
I used to be such a passionate woman,
until the idea that I would be getting married.

I don't expect it anymore,
it's like a short fable that I idealized.
But I see our wedding day, fading away.
The sooner the better, as I rationalized.

You wanted to silence my only motivation,
your just afraid of a superior creation.
After I see the clay you molded after your own,
and if that's the product of offspring, I'd rather be alone.

You get angry at my truth accusation,
it's sad to think I'm the one capable of rationalization.
I used to have my head in the clouds with dreams,
but now I'm too busy trying to decipher your mad schemes.

There's a strong, independent woman underneath this pain,
and your inferiority has put our love to shame.
There won't be many more years, months, days,
where I hear you call me everything but my name.

It's a damn shame, to see what we've become.
For all these memories are not what they seem.
Our love is lost in the past,
and now it is but a dream.

September 20th, 2016 03:58
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