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A Poem: Unfathomable Reasoning

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I am paralyzed,
under all this dead weight.
Making walking, talking,
hard to concentrate.

I've never been so saddled,
in this puddle of dissatisfaction.
Bursting within me,
a disease, some kind of contraction.

When will this path,
gain any traction?
I'm roaming lonely,
belonging to no single faction.

I feel trapped in all these comforts,
get me out of this so I can move.
I am shackled in my own disgust,
I desperately need the change to improve.

I've bought one thousand particles,
to hide the imperfections of who I don't want to be.
I'm chained in the things I'm covering up,
until I let it go, I'll never be free.

Obsession, a sickness,
I could of never fathomed that I'd care.
I'm looking for the way out,
starving for the future that is there.

October 15th, 2016 00:59
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