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A Poem: Catatonic Love

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I stare at you in a catatonic state,
the time to fix this disaster is too late.
Honey, I'm never going to good enough.

This cannot be my loveless fate,
you're the worst one to date.
I'm kinky but I don't like this kind of rough.

Is that why I continue to see his face,
because I picked a fool to take a fool's place?
I feel the warmth inside me grow cold.

If I shared how I really feel,
it would just be too intense, too real.
Honey, it looks like you're getting old.

When I took your card, I was apply for a job.
It pays good but it's like a ticking time bomb.
I didn't think love was to be your maid.

Honey, I don't think you've caught up to your aging,
while your deep seeded family problems are raging.
I watch this love fade.

I really had loved you, a fool to marry.
Now I got this big disappointment to carry.
Leaving? I am unafraid.

November 23rd, 2016 16:47
1 comment


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