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A Poem: Born To Love

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Well, we're making progress.
Three years in and we're not thinking about him.
We're alone and lonely but not turning to the things we used to know.

We're friends with the bare majority.
We're friends with not even ourselves.

I only have love to give like chocolate droplets.
They're falling from me like repressed memories.
Memories that you won't share with the world.

I'm tired of waiting for you.
I'm tired of begging for you.

You want me to operate in a manner that is suitable to you.
Maybe our love is dwindling and we should admit it to ourselves.
I'm living like a mime, in the way I don't express myself.
I constantly repress myself.

I was born to do certain things with my life.
But sit idly was not one of them.

I was born to love.
Even throughout all the pain and suffering,
I was born to love.

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