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A Poem: My Friend, The Magician

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I can't help being emotional,
it's hard to think you'll never exist.
I try not to tell you about it,
but it hurts so much, I can hardly resist.

There's memories of you in many places,
seeing people I used to know in stranger's faces.
I see you in myself, I see yourself in me.
I have to acknowledge that your part of the reason I'm the woman I'm going to be.

You never told me you were a magician,
because you've pulled off one hell of a disappearing act.
It's hard to be okay with it,
there's a piece of me that isn't intact.

I just want to be angry enough to hate you.
But that's not something I'm able to do.
We were supposed to grow old,
be cantankerous and bold.

I might of practiced my card tricks,
if I would of known what was up your sleeve.
I knew things were troublesome,
but I didn't think you'd just up and leave.

Memories, cause me to swallow this lump in my throat.
There's no burned bridge that could cross this moat.
I always knew that friendship was magic,
I just didn't expect your last trick to be so tragic.

December 15th, 2016 03:40
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