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Daniel: A Drunk Thought

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I think I'm over you.
Because I'm drunk and alone and I'm only thinking of you a little.
And it's not painful and longing and curious.
Just acknowledging that this might be the end.

It took long enough.
Only three years.

Doesn't fill the emptiness,
But the emptiness isn't from you.

And that's okay.

I think I missed the pain.
The feeling, a sensation.
I've been floating on this dead plank for a while.

I'm sure you've fell in love with a girl,
moved to a different town.
Good for you.
I hope we can both come to a great conclusion to this saga that is our lives.

Here's to the good times we shared.
Truly memories that made me into a better person.
Through my mistakes and apologizes, I thank you.

December 29th, 2016 03:04
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