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A Poem: Kids Ourselves

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So we're sailing,
and we can't just go for the winds.
Because the wind blows wherever,
and it'll drag us under the bus as quickly.

It's a freeing movement,
to discover what is ahead and to come.
But why kid ourselves,
we've seen disasters before.

Just another memory bank,
in the building blocks of our youth.
Giving direction and wonder,
to future obligations.

When it comes to caring,
I haven't sifted further into the sandbox.
To see if there's some kind of hidden hole,
the one that the rabbit falls into.

But I've sifted through the truth,
and I've seen the true age of the person inside of us.
And they're not much older,
than how we're feeling right now.

So I approach it with caution,
because I'm trying to be self-aware.
And as strong as you think you are,
your weakness is already bleeding through.

So who are we to kid ourselves,
when we're just stupid kids ourselves?

December 31st, 2016 23:32
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