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A Poem: Believe In You

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We've all got flaws and while your caught up,
there's still many things I don't like about me.
And the things that I've done in the past,
keep me from truly being free.

But it doesn't make me any more worth,
the love and warmth of another.
You haven't given yourself enough credit,
and your dreams, your doubt does smother.

But I believe in you,
I believe in all the things that you could be.
But don't take it hard, kid.
You'll always be good enough for me.

If we take anything away from this situation,
if it's the chance to see you grow high and succeed.
You may not believe me now,
but you have the power, characteristic to lead.

If I can be anything for you,
let me put my hands underneath your feet.
So I can help you hop over the fence,
and get further down this street.

January 6th, 2017 05:20
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