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A Poem: A Divine Spark

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To The People That Come In and Out of My Life:

Though I barely knew you,
I felt as if I could see you right through you.
And as time went by, it was clear to see...
There's a whole lot of you that made up me.

And with all the people,
that's come in and out my life.
It always felt as if I was on top of the world,
and you were my quick jack-knife.

Ripping open the seams of reality,
to explore all the stupidity there was to find.
You'd be too busy exploding my heart,
for me to be worried about my mind.

We're in an endless loop,
of different people and different time zones.
Growing up outside,
to playing on Snapchat with our phones.

But whether we're exploring the world,
or we're just riding in my car.
You've made a difference, a divine spark.
Thank you, whoever you are.

January 6th, 2017 06:20
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