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A Poem: I Can Be

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I can be over dramatic,
and perhaps a little bit mean.
Perhaps a little bit lady like,
perhaps a little bit obscene.

I can be insensitive,
perhaps a little too old for our friends.
I can be a little obsessive,
dwelling on all these loose ends.

I treat losing friends,
like I'm losing a soul mate.
Never thought you'd go,
seems like another twist of fate.

I can be quite rude,
I can be sweet and sincere.
I can be a drunk, insane person,
and I can be better with you here.

I can be over indulgent,
a selfish, worthless bean.
I can say what's on my mind,
and I don't say what I really mean.

I can be a hypocrite,
not able to put others in my shoes.
I can fly high on life,
while craving booze.

I can smile in the lowest,
of all the lows, I've ever known.
I can still be stupid,
even though I've grown.

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Beautiful, sensitive and full of emotions!
Great work!


Thank you, I appreciate it!


love it all mariah so great D@vex

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