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A Poem: Feburary is Killing Us

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I haven't hated myself this much in quite so long.
I romanticize these mistakes but they're nothing for future sights.
They're but a lie, in the many lies we're telling ourselves.

How did I manage to sweep the only people left,
and kill them in the wreckage of the destruction of myself?

The hardest part is the choice whether to be sober,
because I'm not sure what kind of person is worse.
Because it doesn't seem to matter which one,
they're always trying to destroy something else.

You cannot create a building,
by destroying someone else's tower.
It's indecent.

Maybe I'm just incapable,
of loving another person in a complete and pure fashion.
For it always burns out,
when I throw myself into the fire.

And all these people that used to love me,
now really hate my guts.

And I'm trying to warn you.
But you're not listening,
and nobody's listening.
And I'm not listening, either.

I continue on,
repeating the same choices as before.
And I can't stand myself, anymore.
So I don't blame you all.

February 6th, 2017 01:19

So sad. Everyone loves, but some love too hard. Patience is difficult with new love. The brighter the flame, the sooner it will burn out. So the choice is to love the burn or try to lower the flame. Which do you think wins out? I doubt that anyone hates you. They may just be disappointed or have unrealistic expectations. You have to love yourself with the same enthusiasm. Then everything else falls, hopefully into place.


fuck man mariah .he must have hurt you bad!!! your his loss matey.....your the winner!!!

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