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A Poem: Water Boarded

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She's drinking water,
as her daily meal.
Well that's one of the way,
she gets her fill.

Because she wants to be dainty,
skinny, like the pretty girls.
She wasn't much for clean eating,
or stomach curls.

So she's drinking water,
because she hates the substance.
And watch her float,
as she does dance.

She's floating to the top of the crowd,
and she's thinking out loud.
I'm a smaller version of me now,
aren't you proud?

That's what you wanted,
a smaller voice, smaller choice.
Smaller waste,
smaller waist.

We can all be happy now.
She's drinking water now,
almost filled her up.

Take another gulp,
take another.

February 8th, 2017 20:23
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