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A Poem: Eight Hundred in Debt with a Rotting House

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My body is twisted up,
you can't pop everything into place.
Because there's so many cracks in the foundation,
it'd be a lie to pass this off as livable.

Because if we had a maintenance list,
there's thing we don't even know about.
The floors are rotted from the outside,
but the curtains are looking great.

Such an insignificant gesture,
finding myself pondering it's existence.
Perhaps we have to tear it down,
the repairs may be too far gone.

We both made poor investments,
and this feels like a tighter grip.
But in reality,
this silence will be the only thing that gets us by.

Because I feel like reaching into myself,
and pulling out all the drywall inside of me.
And any new fixtures that were installed,
because we couldn't afford them.

It was a rush in, poor investment.
To fake a solution to a very separate problem.
But we lost the receipt,
and I'm stuck with the 800 dollars out of pocket.

February 12th, 2017 05:33
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