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February 14th, 2017

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valentine day, what a dilemma,

only a few spin points and could only make one lady happy, even if its only for 5 seconds,

I have spent 8 yrs here and talked to a fair few people and I can finally tell u that if your here looking for something more than just a laugh or a conversation with a stranger then your in the wrong place,

home is where the heart is, home is where the cheap drinks are, home is where u take off your shoes but if u want to find a friend then u need to head out in the world (outside your door) and talk to people,

wishing everyone all the best from Australia

from stirrer, the 47 yr old teenager

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Haha happy valentine's day my teenage Aussie friend!
ps...put your shoes back on.....ur feet stank!! Lol♡♡


LOL Thanks for the positive energy stirrer! :)

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