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bet real, No Games!!!

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Looking for a womanI am spiritual, religious, and a Christian. I am straightforward, strong willed, and therefore I don't smoke at all,I believe in treating others as I like to be treated; with kindness, courtesy, consideration, honesty, respect, etc. I do not judge others; that is up to God and I am not prejudice unless it comes to someones negative (bad) character and lack of respect, courtesy, kindness, honesty, etc. I view others through their eyes; the windows to their soul (heart) not through their physical features or attributes. Actions speak louder than words with me.


Star signLibra
Height1.87 m
Weight100.0 kg
Hair colorblonde
Alcoholsocial drinker
Foodall sorts of food
StatusI'm heterosexual and live in my own domicile
Pos. characteristicshappy with life, great sense of humor, Friendly
Neg. characteristicsI hate lies, Cheats, Not trustworthy,
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