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Dhoop mai Niklo..... Walk in the Sun ...

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The original by Nida Fazli:

Dhoop mein niklo ghataaon mein naha kar dekho
Zindagi kya hai kitabon ko hatakar dekho

Wo sitara hai chamakne do yunhi aankhon mein
Kya zaroori hai use jism banakar dekho

Patharon mein bhi zubaan hoti hai dil hota hai
Apne ghar ke dar-o-deewaar sajaakar dekho

Faasla nazron ka dhokha bhi to ho sakta hai
Wo mile ya na mile haath badhakar dekho

Translation ::::

Walk in the sun, and bathe in the vale of clouds
Throw aside your books, and cast a gaze at life

That is a star, let it sparkle just so in your eyes (the tear..)
Why give it flesh and behold it confined?

Even Mute stones are blessed with voices and hearts
Adorn your four walls, and then perchance marvel

The distance between glances, could be but a lie
Do you find whom you seek, stretch your hand out and see

December 13th, 2016 08:29
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