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There are no dumb questions. I'm a veteran, and I'm only mildly peeved about it.
Nothing wrong with me, I think the the rest of you are fucked up.!
I'm a hairy person why are so many people against me ???
I, with certainty,and not without shame have been the teeth of the monster in the darkness.
You may think what you know, in honesty though you know only what you think.
Gentleman savage am I, know the rules and still I choose to do as I see fit.
Don't go away angry, just go away ...
I like the cold and I like the heat, I like any weather that keeps people off the street .
People with their eye brows penciled on their faces weird me out
I'm hairy like a Thundercat!
Starting any sentence with "am" means your done.
I sometimes feel like a dog that has been kicked too many times.


Star signAquarius
Height1.82 m
Weight86.4 kg
Hair colorbrown
Eye colorbrown
Smokeoccasional smoker
Alcohola beer now and then
StatusI'm heterosexual
Childrenhave no children
Relationshipforever alone
Pos. characteristicsI'm getting stranger all the time
Neg. characteristicsI'm getting stranger all the time


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