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Okay... well, this obviously is my profile. First and foremost, I'd like to let everyone know that I'm NOT thirteen years old– it's just the number that popped into my head when I was creating my handle, so for the love of God, let's just get past this already.

Moving on, I'd appreciate it if the people who decide to message me would use real words, like "how are you" rather than "hwo r u" (and yes, that's exactly what I meant to type– I hate when people are too lazy to at least try spelling actual words), so If you can't spell, then you should let me be.

I do not ask people to "cyber" with me. It's pointless, and it's stupid. I'd sooner talk about lawn care, which I know nothing about, than to try and explain my past or present sex life, or to talk about any other imaginary sexual things that are assured to never-ever happen. If you like the idea of this, then you're welcome to open dialogue with me.

Also, don't try talking to me beginning with that ASL crap, I don't like it and I won't respond to it kindly, if I respond to it at all.

And to finish this... recently, I've been getting a lot of dialogue requests by people from other countries who talk to me for fifteen minutes and then feel it's okay for them to ask me if I'll invite them to "visit" me in the United States, I presume so they can get away from whatever their problems are, wherever it is they're from. This is NOT okay, and I WON'T play that game, so you need not bother trying. I don't want any part of whatever your problems are, so don't try to bring them to me.

"Dear Stuff... Sometimes, you happen– that pisses me off and I hate you all the more for it. Fuck you. Sincerely, ---> This Guy <---"


Star signGemini
Height1.92 m
Weight86.4 kg
Hair colorbrown
Eye colorgreen
Foodall sorts of food
StatusI'm heterosexual and live in a flat share
Childrenhave no children
Pos. characteristicsI'm a patient guy...
Neg. characteristicsMight be a bit sociopathic...




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