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September 17th, 2016

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I have a few observations I'd like to share.

The first being that Minecraft videos-where they are acting out stories, and the players actually get all into it-it's a bit weird to me and makes me quite uncomfortable. These are adults taking on the role of narrator in a manner that I did with barbies and Legos as a 13 year old. It makes me feel really awkward just to listen to it. :-/

Second...I am tired as heck. I am running on fumes. I am not doing so well. I need to focus and follow through with a stricter schedule for my own sanity.

The third-there are too many people in this world who are negative and zap my energy, especially when I feel as I have lately- I'm not talking about work.

September 17th, 2016 14:55

I have never seen Minecraft. Do not know what it is. It sounds insanely stupid, as are most theatrics in our time. I have no answer for tired, I push through, everyone is different. It is my fervent prayer that you get relief in the currant situation. I do understand being streched to the limit. Perhaps, maybe, take some time alone for yourself? Time to think, consider, and find? No TV, videos, or even books. Just you! Last note. You are beautiful, vibrant and sexy! Look at yourself through the eyes of others in times of crises than your own. I am my own worst critic as are you. Self doubt is simple, I have no doubt in you at all!


It's just another form of storytelling, I think, so no different from writing a book or making a movie in that regard. Of course, if the story and acting are bad, then it's going to be awkward to watch, just like it would be in a movie.


MrTallMan, perhaps it is just bad acting...but the content itself tends to make me think of my mental state as a 13 year old. And to witness adults partaking in that, still seems to be the awkward element, after consideration. could very well be right. I feel awkward reading immature literature as well. ;)


It sounds in keeping with the increasingly psychotic direction that society is going in, as with Pokemon Go, grown men wearing sports shirts with real players' names on, people driving along long-distance roads with little electronic screens in front of them showing long-distance roads, etc. Psycho is the new normal. First capitalism deskilled production; now it's deskilling reproduction, or reskilling it in its own sick way. Those who don't want to criticise these things can be unusually forward and lucid in defending them, because their desire not to have to admit their own submissiveness is so great. There is what I call the creativity of gullibility. lI recall a cartoon, probably from the 1970s, saying workplace participation was a con by showing a worker holding a neck around his own neck as it was braided by a boss, with the slogan "Participation: When You Hold As We Braid". Content is in keeping with form. There is no dialectic. It's not real activity, not even in the way that alienated labour is.

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