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September 28th, 2016

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Oh. My. Goodness.

Stop bitching.

Stop shouting your your personal opinion.

Just stop.

I am beginning to growl.

I need extra earbuds to drown these asses out. Seriously. One more 1st world whine and I will shout.

Young, priveldged people make me want to roll my eyes and curse. Maybe stomp my feet.

I'm about to cry.

September 28th, 2016 19:19

Whats a 1st world whine?


Empowered yuppy scum


1st world whine = Hilary Clinton


Ignores is a bliss


Irony. This was a first world whine in itself. Heh.


Actually ekim it applies more to trump and his whatever I do to make money is alright attitude than it does to Hillary .


Trump's tone is often very whiny.


Lol. Flag on the play. HILLARY not whiny or privileged? Has she blamed anyone else for her being a woman yet today? Has she gotten more money from the Middle East and other countries today? Either way occupy wall street had more in common with whiny first worlders than almost anyone.


The ideas or the representatives?


@Toastee - I favour Clinton, but I'm not being biased when I say Trump's tone is often whiny. He often speaks as if he's in pain. So did Hitler. I don't say that frivolously either. You can watch some of Hitler's early speeches on Youtube - the ones before he's in office. He speaks in an extremely pained way, as if shamanically feeling and sharing his audience's suffering, embodying exceptional willpower and conveying the message that, in Trump's words, "we're going to end it". Agreed, Clinton is privileged. That doesn't make her whiny.


@nepenthes.sehtnepen, who are you referring to in this post?


I was asking toastee if he thinks the ideas behind the occupy wall street movement are/were for 1% or of the representatives are who he was referring to in his comment. It's rare that a representative is not detached from the population that they attempt to profit by.


I understood that :smile: I meant who were you referring to in the post that starts the thread.


I initially wrote about professionals who profit off of a disadvantaged population and take diversity in all aspects for granted.


Unless of course that diversity can be seen on Ellen, or perhaps at Starbucks. :/ heh.


Orc. Everything about Clinton is whiny. She blames EVERYBODY else for her problems and she has for years. She uses every word that ends in "ist" "phobe" and even uses the language and insults she says are not supposed to be used. ol don has spoken the same way now as he did twenty years ago. You just lost ALL credibility and showed your biasness by bringing out the Hitler reference.

(Which liberal website gave you that gem? You know those ghost chaser shows? Just because THEY say the static on the radio says a word, doesnt.make it a real word.)

I will admit, actions do speak louder than words. Don passed a law to put education loans under federal control, he passed one to control healthcare, he has the federal government dictate to states education policy, he doesn't enforce border security, he.....oh thats right...he didnt do that. Obama did and Clinton was there, throwing out "ist"and "aphobe" words. Seems like someone would have to.usurp rightful power from the states and put it under centralized government control to be considered a dictator. What do I know...I was only born here.

Btw..freddie and fannie mac caused the housing bubble to burst and collapse, and it was created by the federal government too. They were warned years before about just have to look up the cspan video on youtube to see the debates..heavy sigh.

(Caution..You will see lots of "ist" racial and "phobe" words used by Clinton's allies against the people warning them.)


@Toastee - When I watched the debate, I thought Trump's tone was pained and whiny and Clinton's wasn't. You mention the language she says shouldn't be used. Well she criticised Trump for calling women "pigs", "slobs" and "dogs" - and she did so in a normal tone. Perhaps you think that what she was saying was whiny in itself, in which case a) you are unpleasant, and b) you are using "whiny" in a different way from me, because as I said I am using it to refer to a person's tone of voice.

I did not get what I said about Hitler from a radio show. He is often called a very persuasive speaker, so one day I watched some of his speeches so as to form my own opinion. I didn't know how pained his tone was until I watched them. If you want to form your own opinion, go and watch them. There's little point in being rude to me because I've got off my butt to gather information about something when you haven't.

Clinton, by the way, has never passed any laws. But your sarcastic delivery of the point that when in office she helped strengthen the federal government relative to state governments doesn't help persuade me that Trump must therefore be preferable to her. If the federal government hadn't got stronger relative to state governments, there'd probably still be formal racial segregation.

The housing bubble collapsed because that's what all bubbles do. It wasn't essentially a housing bubble; it was a debt bubble. It was created by moneylenders - finance capital - using the public authorities. And if you think it was big, you ain't seen nothing yet.

That Trump gets support from many racists is obvious.


The occupy wall street movement was stupid. The very people who were "occupying" blamed the political party who were not part of Wall Street. The party they allied with were wall street. It seems to have escaped every left wing news site that while the dem reps praised the occupy movement, and put down wall street. They also got from Wall Street than the Republicans. Why? Because Wall Street is in New York, a blue state that votes Liberal every year. I laughed again as she said she was going to tax the rich she took thier donations to her campaign, after she held closed door speeches with them.that no one will release. Obama got more donations than Mitt or that idiot McCain from.Wall Street.

So do you think liberals really care about regulating Wall Street when they take from.them each election cycle? This election cycle is no different, look how much Hillary got vs Don a few months ago to illustrate my point.

Pay to play is at work here. I once saw an interview with an occupyer who was bitching that he had to pay back 20k in Wait...thats a car payment isnt it? Or are cars free now? I paid my car off in 4 years..

States and the fed goverment made Republicans pay insurance and clean up after thier peaceful protests. They let Occupy do what it wanted with no insurance requirements, and those protests were the violent ones where people died, property damaged, and people were raped.

If you want affordable schools, wouldnt you reform the ones charging the actual.bills and driving up the price, rather than the Fed Gov taking over the student loan programs from private entities? Why would you give the one entity who has the ability to make laws, that kind of power over you. This is why they want Single payer sooooo bad.

So, occupy was stupid. The kids were whiny rich kid brats who didnt even know what they were protesting about. It died as it should've. Just hippie kids who wanted so badly to be part of 60's protesting culture.


And Toastee, how do you think Trump would "end" terrorism, defeat ISIS so fast, deport 12 million illegal immigrants and get a long wall built, without acts of strength by the central government? He's going to spend more and reduce taxes, right? Do you think it would all be done by volunteer gun nuts who exercise their trigger fingers to shoot Muslims, black people, women, "politically correct" "liberal" "whining" opponents of dog-eat-dog culture, and anyone who tells them how undesirable their attitudes are, before they go back to listening to shock jock radio afterwards, stopping occasionally to go "whoop whoop whoop"?

The Trump phenomenon, based on a movement to strengthen the state supported by militaristic gangs outside of the state (hello "second amendment people"), following a leader who promises he's the one, come to them at last, who can end all their woes, and end them fast, by being tough on foreigners, is practically textbook fascism.


@Toastee - You seem to take the power of those who lend money to students and who impose and sell insurance policies for granted, but you say you're <i>against</i> Wall Street, right?


You used a sound bite pigs and dogs. So you mean he called ALL women that? Every woman on the planet? Going back 20 years or more? There again using sound bites. Thats why I dont believe your research.

He used it against people that he got into arguments with..when he was voting liberal I might add. I really dont care about that as it was a different time and they insulted him too and he wasnt a politician. Both sides were stupid for it.

You did the insult first. Trying so hard to do a backflip to compare him to Hitler. It doesn't match up dude. It won't. (A shot at the people supporting him?) Thats like me comparing Obama's speaking style to Rev Jeremiah Wrights? I cant do it. Just because you think you see a similarity. I see him more as the style of Uncle Grandpa Joe Biden than anything. Yelling about kids getting off his lawn. He annoyingly repeats everything three times, but that works for left wing politics. So why not use it?

Btw..racists arent only white. I can show you a bunch of different cultures, colors, genders of people who arent white who are just as racists, misogynist, or macho feminist pigs as the ones you mention who are voting Hillary. You tried to equate civil rights to the fed usurping powers it has no business taking on while not doing what it was supposed to? Wow, another backflip.

Sorry if its seemed rude, not meant to be...but if a righty can't use the Hitler reference, neither can a lefty. No matter how hard both sides try. That should just die until you see the brownshirts come marching down the street. I would wait until I see more laws change tho..gun control and then confiscation, healthcare complete take over, media shut down (the fairness doctrine reinstated) U.N. policy take over of U.S. Laws. Things like that, before I would outright call ANYONE Hitler or Hitler like.

Stalin never gets in these conversations..he must be so.lonely in his cold grave.


Nope, I see it as an end to racial politics, p.c. Culture, over regulations, a man who knows how to perhaps business and trade works, a shake up just like Bernie Sanders is a shake up for the other side. I don't want to give an entity that makes laws and the rules more power in things it's not supposed to do, when it cant even take care of what it is designed to do. Smart regulation vs dumb ones dont help anyone.

While you did point out the wall street thing (good one there) I can.just as well point out your first three points about how he would do that without the central government. Immigration, border security, ummm..military? THATS WHAT THE GOVERNMENT IS ALREADY SUPPOSED TO DO!!!!

As far as leadership style and someone promising to deliver us all...why.not, you all fell for it when Obama promised it. (Shovel ready jobs, Obamacare, people dying in the streets) If you are satisfied now, you should be more satisfied for someone who promises in the next 4 years, right? if he gets past Hillary that is..because she is promising the same things.


flipping heck Jenny what have you done ?


@Toastee - There was no "backflip" or lack of "matching up". I explained the comparison with Hitler and it holds. I know some racists aren't white, but what relevance does that have? It's true there were elements of "I'm the man who can solve things" in Obama's presentation in 2008, but they weren't on anything like the same scale as they are with Trump. Anyway, I'm out of this discussion now.


One last thing: Trump has been amazingly whingy about the debate since it ended. He said he couldn't find a way to bring up Benghazi: "Don’t forget, you are asked a question as to progress or as to something, and it’s hard to get off to Benghazi sometimes the way the questions were framed." Well, let's look at it. He managed to say that Clinton had been fighting ISIS all her adult life, which is ridiculous and untrue because Clinton became an adult more than 30 years before 1999 when ISIS was founded. My guess is that he had prepared the line "you have been fighting ... all your adult life ... without success" in some other context, and that he was so flustered that he decided off the hoof to apply it to ISIS. But since they were talking about ISIS, that was actually an excellent opportunity for him to say

"Your efforts when you were in office as Secretary of State were nothing but a a prolonged failure - you assisted the rise of ISIS and you were directly responsible for the attack on Benghazi which killed so many US citizens".

I don't believe that. In fact I think it's utter rubbish, but it is what Trump says and of course he did have a chance to say it, if he'd handled himself with more competence.

I'm quite sure he's bright enough to want to learn from his mistakes, but his narcissistic mental illness may prevent him from doing so. He is not only blaming other people for his own incompetence - he is actually doing so in public.

PS Note that Trump's message is that with enough willpower and strength in the person of the president, ISIS will be defeated quickly. What this shows above all is that he doesn't understand warfare. He wants you to believe in his greatness, in his being the man who can solve all the problems that until now most people have considered intractable. No thinking necessary. Just believe in the Great Leader who will smite the enemy and make the country "great again". For goodness sake, please don't tell me this isn't fascist.


And in the debate what was that crap he said about the assets he has acquired being among the "greatest in the world"?

First, he owns some long and thin skyscrapers - so what? (Please send answers on a postcard to Sigmund Freud.)

Second, most of his business nowadays involves licensing his name "Trump" for other people to use: his main asset is his right to use his name.


I think this has turned into an ethos vs. logos argumentation.

Toastee, you seem to be extremely emotionally connected to the whole freedom of speech that you feel is being infringed upon. That's one of your consistent complaints/arguments. The freedom of speech only protects that speech if it is not endangering or injuring others.

Just saying. :)


Freedom of speech only applies if you say what others permit you to say Mike circa 2016


Oh good grief. No.


See what you started ?


good golly yes Jenny


Leaps and bounds! Apparently your audience has the ability to jump to any conclusion with a simple statement. I do not believe that your cry was political, yet, it turned that direction by those who have an agenda. Simple talk has been abandoned in our vernacular, all speech is now politicized. How unfortunate are we to come to this! I abhor whining as do you, I do not tolerate it from my daughter, nor did my father tolerate it from me. Our country has encouraged whining since the year of my birth. The question is why?


Mtodd- I was actually quite pleased that they took it above my petty personal problems. Besides, it was the day after the debate that I posted this. ;)

One of the problems with communicating via text is that everything is read in the voice of the audience- not the author. But-alas!! That could be a whole entry in itself because that was the majority of my studies for a good 3 years. I miss my formal literature instruction, so much.


I quite enjoy being corrected, in that manner I continually learn.

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