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October 14th, 2016

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There are so many of you and so many of me. I'm tired of trying to keep the various versions of me separate. It's exhausting and counterproductive. Once upon a time I believed I could. Want to know a secret?

*lowers voice and pauses dramatically*

*claps hands loudly* Nevermind. I had it all spelled out for you *cracks up at joke* I'm over whining. I deleted it and I will just leave a quick, smart ass and cynical post in lieu of...

I'm not certain that this tablet funcitons properly. *taps on the screen* Huh.

I just need to save the world to prove that I have any value. *nods decisively*

October 14th, 2016 02:59





Gahndi once said I can not change the world I can only make my corner of it a better place to live .So be proud of the ones you can help .Your reach should not exceed your grasp . Smile and be proud

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