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December 7th, 2016

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Hm. Where do I want to go with this today? Well. Let's consider the options. Work, love, Nothing interests me today. cute shoes do. And the fact that they match my sweater perfectly.

I know. Relating to people. I have a bank of amazing people at my fingertips. I don't know how I meet such amazing people. But I do. I'm one lucky duck. Not that I am necessarily part of crowd of my crowd. I find myself to be quite disposable, therefore I swoop in like a hawk, greedily collect as much insight as possible and I move on.

Goodness, if I were as blunt as I'd like to be, you would think I'm an incredicle bitch.

It's more complicated than that as well. I'm very busy. There are periods of time, sometimes months where I can only make time for one or two people outside of the kid and I. I think its a big investment for people to be in my life-and without a sexual reward it's tedious to most.

Mind yourself. All of this is fine. It's just how it is. It does however make me so grateful for those that do stick around. I cherish those who find my company worth the patience necessary to catch up with me for even a quality discussion. I am especially grateful to those who are willing to walk me through my depressive episodes. I know that I can be exhausting. I'm so grateful though. I'm lucky to know you.

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1 comment

it must be hell inside your head! LOL! Always here for ya!

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