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My Christmas List

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DSM IV -pocket guide for adolescent and child mental health

Neck ties.

A good suit-well three, would be fantastic.


Office supplies

Extra earbuds

Fan for my desk

A happy kid for the day.

:D this will be provided to every family member. I'm going to assign them gifts this year. Not really. They just tend to get me stuff that isn't practical. It seems like a waste.

The happy kid, I got covered.

December 7th, 2016 20:37

So I gotta return the diamond tiara I got you ?


Yes. Diamonds kill kids.


And the frango chocolates too?


I do not know what those are.


But I do love chocolates.


Best chocolate in America, it was a Marshall fields exclusive ,sold in Chicago only . Now Macy's bought the chain but kept the frango. Big time Christmas tradition .


Send me some. Never mind. They'll melt in the mail. :) you can get me the pushpins so that I can hang up more of the kid's artwork.




i'll be your fan at your desk. watch me to the wave.

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