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December 7th, 2016

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A lot of my girlfriends say "I refuse to wear heels." I used to say the same. I respect their decision. Of course. Wear whatever you would or would not like anyway. Let me tell you why I choose to.

This, firstly has nothing to do with men. I do not wear heels because cosmopolitan says that the lift flexes your muscles and makes your legs look sexier. I do not wear anything for men. But if you want to wear a suit for me...double standards. You poor things.

So. Here's to those who are like how I was- heels are bad for your back and feet. They're a symbol of the patriarchy. Etc. etc.

Heels were actually designed for men originally. Specifically wealthy men, I once read. Just like the color pink was popular amongst the elitists of past time. This is all crap anyway. I don't really consider the history of clothing when I choose what to wear, unless that history includes sweat shops and a breach of life rights (not just human).

So my real reasons. I'm slightly above average height. 5'6". Give me a couple more and I tower over other women and meet most men at a nearly eye level. Today when I approached my supervisor I saw that gleam in her eye and know her well enough to know she was wishing for she'd worn heels as well. Not that it's a competitive thing. I adore my supervisor. She's super awesome. But I saw the wish as I stood a good six inches over her.

When with kids, they love the sound of heels on a floor. It fascinates them. I remember being a child and being fascinated with the sound patterns of heels.

They make me slow down. I can walk quickly, even do a quick baby jog across the parking lot if someone is waiting on me to cross, but they make me more aware of my balance, my movements... I slow down.

They look amazing. With a skirt, with a dress, but especially with a pair of simple black dress slacks. They give the slacks a crisp and feminine finish that I love.

They make me feel sexy and confident. Period.

Lastly, taking them off at the end of the day feels so good.

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Am I allowed to mention that having a lady dance flamenco style on a man's chest with stilettos can be a fun way to spend a cold winter's night ?




5"6 ft isn't too much to wear heels EXCEPT if your weight is really much. I have seen ladies 5"7 and they look even sexier with heels
Those ladies that would never wear heels are 6 ft + type


Btw, I find dancing real hot in heels very very sexy :p


I m 6 ft 3 and I rock stilettos.


You're not a lady! Are youuuuuuuu? :lol:




Scary huh , just kidding


That was funny

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