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December 8th, 2016

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Pink booties. Yes please. Massively fluffy pink cowl neck sweater. Absolutely. In about 36 hours I'll be savoring some well deserved alcohol.

mommy is getting wasted.

Eh. It'll be closer to 40. Tomorrow will be a late night at work. 14 hour day away from home, minimum. My paper is due by 11 too. I do this every time. I always say I'm going to drink, I rarely do. Things come up.

I'm anxious to get my score on the paper for the other course. Started sending out emails to my friends. You see, y'all aren't the only ones that are neglected. I have the best peeps of Florida...and they have me for approximately 15 weeks out of the year. This year it will be 3, from now until next December. Literally 3 weeks. I send out emails and texts to the most important,...schedule them and consider others afterward. The worst part, valuable networks come first. Professors, professional contacts, then personal close peeps. Oh. And this winter break I'm considering some colleagues. Some of them have become friends, which was unexpected. Y'all don't know this, but I was super ostracized during training by the trainee team. I have been told by a few people who've become friends, that I am presumed to be a snob. I guess I seem unapproachable. Once they get to know me, they want to be my best friend....but yeah. It's due to my social anxiety. It's painful at times.

December 8th, 2016 14:46

I noticed the first blog! Internet connections can be such a nuisance. Have a great day.


Responsible drinking is always joyous :) Best wishes :)


Enjoy that alcohol girl :) party on..woooooo


Exactly what the left purports to hate! "The worst part, valuable networks come first. Professors, professional contacts, then personal close peeps." Your side is no different than mine! Your side only professes moral superiority!

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