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December 20th, 2016

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I should have accessorized today. Silver, length, linking and curvy lines. Oh well. never enough time!

It is a day of my favorite weather. Drizzly, cool and grey. I am happiest in this weather. I am most comfortable and at ease when the weather is like this.

Tomorrow is supposed to be my last day of work before my vacation. I am
Not certain I can take it. I'm drowning in work. I want to get caught up with the paper stuff before the new semester starts. Too many reports. Too many incidents.

I have a song for y'all. You'll love it. I know. Well. If you have good taste. Haha. Some of you do. Give me a song, would you?

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I love his music. Here's one for you:


Great taste. I love Norah Jones. Own four of her albums. :D yay!! Thank you.


Nice, that's one song that calms the nerve
I love classical music; check this out

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