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January 7th, 2017

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Just put away my work for the day. Still not done with it. Everyday, like this, this week. 12-15 hour days. I'm so tired. I wanted to go to bed hours ago, but then I remembered the forgotten consents. Then I remembered the necessary calendar invites. Then I remembered....and remembered...

And I'm sadly broke. How does someone work this much and be broke? Oh right....right to work state laws. Heh. Mhm.

I couldn't even manage to make it through the day without crying. I need to start sleeping. Making myself sleep. It helps me maintain stability. I'm taking at least a chunk of tomorrow off. I ordered my school books. Not really sure how I will pay for childcare, but hey! So it goes. :D sometimes.

It's raining. I love the rain so much. I wish I could afford some alcohol. I would get smashed. Instead I will paint my toe nails and give myself a halfassed and rushed manicure because I'm knackered and dying to go to sleep, but it needs to get done. On my vacation I had a lot less free time than anticipated. In fact- 10 days off, I only took 12 hours of vacation pay. I worked a lot. A lot happened, and still when I got back it was madly rushed and botched.

I ordered my books for next semester. Yay!! It starts on Monday. Don't worry, you don't have to, but I'm holding my breath as I go under. Count how long I can hold my breath.

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try not to kill yourself and gotta make time for rest. :zwinker:




MLK day is Monday.


Next Monday. Yes. :)



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