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January 8th, 2017

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It's all crap. The more people I meet. The more I am told I am special. The more I realize it is all crap.

Which is fine. I'm taking a break.

It was a beautiful night last night. It rained the entire night. I am so grateful for this cold weather. I have already learned two things about myself this year. I'm constantly learning things about myself. The first is that I am more capable than I thought at my job-If and when I think. Critical thought folks. It's amazing. The second is irrelevant to you. Or to be more precise, I am ensuring that it is.

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you can have our cold we have oodles of it here. :christmas:


As long as it s not helmet wearing window licking special just smile and nod.


I am overjoyed that you have figured out that everyone is not special. Not everyone gets a trophy! You have worked hard for your position. I have worked hard for mine! I did not become one of the best in my profession from a participation trophy! I became the best because I worked hard for it!

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