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January 8th, 2017

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The birth of a bachelorette.

A while ago, on one of my blog entries, I had a song about the death of a bachelor. I think this is the birth of a bachelorette. I have reached my breaking point when it comes to the tediousness of investing in a person of the opposite sex (and I've already lost my best female friends). I’m done. It is not caused by any one individual. I’m just prepared to make a decision. I have had the inclination to establish a New Year’s resolution this year. I have now decided – yes. It is to be so! I am wonderfully consistent in obtaining goals and maintaining decisions, so this is how it is going to go down.

For the remainder of 2017, I will make no commitment to any males. I will have no building or budding relationships. I am going to have no talk of physical contact in an intimate manner with any male. I am tired of the constant inconsideration and lies. I find that the constant need for attention that the male demands, is just far too much for what I can provide at the current time. I am going to have absolutely, positively no sense of diligence in regard to giving one more moment of 2017 to any male. I'm giving nothing more. Happy 2017!

Period. :D

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constant need for attention? :halloha:


Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Pear lover.


No more popcorn?


Popcorn? I have loads. Help yourself.


Oh baby , ty


Much easier just being friends :)


Mhm. That's because friendship lacks a certain intimacy. Both physically and emotionally. Not as much investment or vulnerability. There's no commitment, really. But friends are always good. :)


your friendship has always been my objective Jenn .. I hope it continues as always. Jack


It will, Jack. :D

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