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January 9th, 2017

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Well. The biggest complaint for the first day back to school was that the coat zipper was too hot. I warmed his jacket in the dryer before sending him out into the day. Ran about 10 mins late. I'll be the first into the office. With weather like this, while I'd love for time to pause, the rest of Florida is preparing for a three day Netflix binge. Ha!

I broke both my personal and work phone screens this weekend. I'm a bit irritated with myself. Same drop. Couldn't believe both of them were busted. I picked the first up and felt disappointment. Then saw the second and I just felt so much irritation with myself. I growled. At myself.

I have one last summer here. I'm moving somewhere else in the counter. I do not yet know where. Probably Texas. Possibly Washington or back to Vegas. I would hate to move back there.

I'm no longer afraid to move. I have realized I took a massive step, when I moved up here to this job. I was able to learn to navigate an entirely new geographical area that is massive, while learning a brand new role and maintaining everything else I had going on. I lost the last of my friends as I did. But so it goes. I've been able to survive. Sometimes seemingly barely-but still managed.

Time to go save pieces of the world. Have a good one!

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as the saying goes the world is an oyster. :matrose:


You live in Florida and heat up jackets ? Up here we don't wear em at all til its below freezing. Wuss


For the kid. Not myself. :)


You re sissifying a man child then , even worse


You seem to be feeling a bit better least I hope so. :winki:


As far as I know, Austin is the nicest place in Texas..but zippers don't get any cooler here...

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